• Tanggal Event: Start : July 10 , 2023
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  • Jenis Permainan: AG casino Baccarat
  • Pair 8s to get a chance to win Millions Jackpot

Syarat dan Ketentuan

  • Only AG Baccarat supports jackpot.
  • Following AG video games does not support Jackpot: AG Live.
  • Rules and odds of “Tie” remains the same. Jackpot pool increases by a fraction of the total bet amount on Tie of the round on round closed.
  • Perfect 8 Jackpot takes full amount of Jackpot pool as prize; Lucky 8 takes a fraction of Jackpot pool as prize.
  • Overview page shows the current amount of each Jackpot. Amount showed may be delayed. When hitting Jackpot, the latest Jackpot amount in the system shall prevail.
  • Jackpot is shared by all tables. When multiple tables hit jackpot at the same time, jackpot will be distributed in the order of hit.
  • Player receives full jackpot if he/ she is the sole winner. When there are multiple winners, player receives a fraction of jackpot according to the ratio of his/ her bet amount on Tie to the total bet amount on Tie in the round.
  • Trial account cannot participate Jackpot.
  • The Platform reserves the rights of execution, amendment, interpretation and termination.